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Welcome Home Christopher….

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I can not tell a lie…Birth sessions and adoption sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorite work! I was able to travel with our amazing college minister and his wife to pick up their adorable newly adopted son recently, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!

Audrey and Chris are just two of the most genuine, Christ -like people that you will ever meet. They have three children already (not to mention a few hundred college kids), but felt the call to adopt and began pursuing that a couple of years ago. It was a tough road. I think much more difficult than they had imagined. They even faced the ultimate heart-break by being chosen a few times, only to have things fall apart. They even got as far as being “matched” with two birth mothers who within just days before their adoption was to take place changed their mind. To say it was difficult seems like such an understatement. However, they knew God had called them to this journey and they stayed faithful to HIS plan for their family.

Just two short weeks ago they finally got  ”the call”. There was a baby, and he was waiting for them!! Enjoy these images of precious Christopher’s first day as a Brooks! I loved being part of their day! We went to Birmingham to pick him up from the adoption agency, and then traveled back to Tuscaloosa to take a few images of their children meeting him for the first time. It was such a special day! Warning- you might just want to get out a few tissues!

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